The Busy Boy Mama

The adventures of learning to be a loving wife and mom; while working and raising two amazing, very busy boys.

My Biggest Flaw

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always remembered myself as someone who would let people walk all over me. Especially in high school when teenagers gossip with one another just to feel included in a clique. I rarely felt comfortable sticking up for myself, or voicing my opinion. I also had a best […]

Three Places To Go Phone Free

Having those notifications or “likes” pop up on your phone, is instant positive reinforcement to pick up the phone again. You’re being rewarded with going on social media! I had to admit this, but unless I’m at work, most of the time my phone is attached to my hand. I do make an effort to […]

Breaking Up With a Friend

Breaking up with a significant other can be excruciatingly difficult. There’s awkwardness of accidentally running into each other, or seeing each other because of mutual friends. There can also be resentment and anger towards the person. But have you ever had to break up with a toxic friend? I try to be pretty tolerant and […]

Scooby Doo Birthday Party

This post is not sponsored but does contain affiliate links. See my full disclosure here.  I was so happy when Jaxon got into Scooby Doo. Not the newer, “lame” Scooby Doo, but the Hanna Barbera 1970’s Scooby Doo! He is officially the third generation to enjoy it. Naturally, we decided to throw his birthday with […]

Mealtime with Nuby

In our very messy boy household, mealtime is the worst. I rarely am able to find foods that BOTH the kids will eat, and someone is constantly knocking something over. Nuby makes it easier for parents like me. Meals Made Less Messy Their 360 Wonder Cup with 3D Grip is not only cute, but is […]

Raising A Happy and Healthy Baby

When your kids get tummy aches from eating the foods, even if it’s a “healthy” food, and it upsets their stomach.. it’s so hard to not feel discouraged and upset. As a mother, I try feed my kids healthy, fresh food; and want to raise them to be heathy and happy. When my first son […]

Educational Apps For Kids

Three years ago, I felt that I had the busiest two year old boy I have ever seen in my life. No matter how many books, blocks, painting, or outside activities I had set for him, it was never enough. We finally decided to get Jax an Ipad with educational games and activities. Not only […]

Baby Safety Tips for Your Home

This post has been sponsored by Purple Safety All opinions are 100% my own. My full disclosure can be found here. Babyproofing your house can be a no brainer for some parents. Our first son never was into sockets or grabbing objects from the counters. Our second son is definitely a force to be reckoned with. […]

2017 Review and Goals for 2018

We started 2017 off with a bang Our big boy turned 4, a few weeks later I gave birth to our second son! The next few months we struggled with breastfeeding issues, me going back to work, and brother adjusting to having a baby in the house. We had a quick day trip to Bearizona […]

Preparing Your Child for a New Baby

This post does contain affiliate links. My blog post was originally posted on The Vintage Honey Shop Blog We weren’t sure how we would introduce the idea of a baby growing inside my tummy or how breastfeeding works to our then 3 ½ year old. Thank goodness we had 9 months to prepare him to not […]