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Three Places To Go Phone Free

Having those notifications or “likes” pop up on your phone, is instant positive reinforcement to pick up the phone again. You’re being rewarded with going on social media! I had to admit this, but unless I’m at work, most of the time my phone is attached to my hand. I do make an effort to put away phone, and any technology distractions in 3 specific places.

In The Car

The obvious first place is in the car or while driving. I love that my IPhone can now automatically reply to someone, letting them know that i’m driving. Unfortunately, even I know that if my phone is sitting in the front seat, it still might be tempting to grab for it. The best place I’ve realized where my phone should be, is in the diaper bag in the back seat of the car. This day and age where sadly, people are commonly forgetting their children in the car. They more than likely will remember to grab their phone from the car, so what better reason than to keep everything important in the back.

No Phones During Bath Time

My youngest is a wild man in the bath. He is constantly moving around, splashing and thrashing himself around. He gets so overly excited by the water that in a split second, he could slip and go under. Even when big brother is bathing with him, I make sure to keep my eyes glued on the kids, because drowning can be and usually is silent.

At The Dinner Table

Since my oldest is in school, and we are both working parents, dinner is usually the only time we can have conversations before bedtime. If we have the TV on, or sitting on our phones, the kids get wild and don’t seem to want to engage with us. No phones at dinner, means being able to practice eye contact and being able to talk about our day.


I’m hoping when the kid’s are older, that we can keep these phone free rules intact. I know it’ll be hard to trust the boys once they start driving; but I hope educating them, and teaching them respect, does the trick!

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  1. I completely agree with this! Such an important message girl. My hubs and I are all about “being in the moment” and often do phoneless days on the weekends.

  2. These are three important places, without a doubt. I will definitely teach my boys these as well. It’s important for me to make sure that they’re safe in the car especially when they’re the ones driving. I also don’t like the idea of using the phone while eating a meal.

  3. The idea of going phone free scares me, and that’s exactly why I should probably take this advice and step away from the tech sometimes! I like the ideas you gave, I think I might try some

  4. I agree completely with this post — THANK YOU for sharing this. I swear, people bring their phones everywhere, as if we’re all constantly tethered to them and unable to function without them. There are some places around the home (especially), where I think phones should not be brought along with us, and you’ve nailed them on the head. 🙂

  5. I know it’s hard for me to break away from my phone because I feel like I can multitask. But it’s important to be able to turn it off and connect with your family.

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