My Biggest Flaw

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always remembered myself as someone who would let people walk all over me. Especially in high school when teenagers gossip with one another just to feel included in a clique. I rarely felt comfortable sticking up for myself, or voicing my opinion. I also had a best […]

Three Places To Go Phone Free

Having those notifications or “likes” pop up on your phone, is instant positive reinforcement to pick up the phone again. You’re being rewarded with going on social media! I had to admit this, but unless I’m at work, most of the time my phone is attached to my hand. I do make an effort to […]

Breaking Up With a Friend

Breaking up with a significant other can be excruciatingly difficult. There’s awkwardness of accidentally running into each other, or seeing each other because of mutual friends. There can also be resentment and anger towards the person. But have you ever had to break up with a toxic friend? I try to be pretty tolerant and […]