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Mealtime with Nuby

In our very messy boy household, mealtime is the worst. I rarely am able to find foods that BOTH the kids will eat, and someone is constantly knocking something over. Nuby makes it easier for parents like me.

Meals Made Less Messy

Their 360 Wonder Cup with 3D Grip is not only cute, but is leak resistant. Unless this angry child decides to chuck the cup across the room that is. Ha! His Sure Grip Feeding Bowl is great for babies messy and not messy 6 months+. In our case, it’s normally a big brother or dog knocking off bowls and plates, so I love the suction bottom. For parents interested in Baby Led Weaning, it’s great for them to practice picking up foods on their own or practicing with utensils.

Big brother also loves his new Thirsty Kids Flip It cup. It’s perfect for him to take to school since it doesn’t spill in his lunchbox. I love that it’s BPA free and available at every mom’s favorite retailer – Target.

After dinner and baths, Jaxon is always sure to brush his teeth! Now with Nuby’s Oral Care Set, Huxley can join in on the bedtime routine as well. This is a great product for teething babies to toddlers, found at Babies “R” Us.

If you have a messy household, I would suggest checking out these Nuby products! Don’t forget to let me know which Nuby item do you see that would make your life easier?

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**I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own. See my full disclosure here.

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  1. My boy is almost 10 so I have no use for them now, lol, but boy some of them would have been great to have when he was a babe! Cute boys you have! I miss mine being that little.

  2. These look great for messy little ones, one of the struggles of parenting for sure is finding a non-leaking beaker!! The toothbrushes look fab too! 🙂

  3. I have never heard of Nuby products but definitely keep that in mind for the next baby shower gift I need. Good for you for finding things that help make mealtime easier.

  4. I love the picture of him brushing his teeth, he looks so stinking cute. These cups look so awesome and age appropriate – I’m sure the kiddos love them!!

  5. I love that the bowl suctions to the tray! My son is all about throwing his plate on the floor when he is done eating now… It is so annoying, but at least I have a dog lol

  6. I haven’t used Nuby in such a long time. What a great brand. We would love to add Nuby back into our mealtimes!

  7. These are such smart products. Little hands aren’t always so coordinated so I can see how these can help them improve their hand/eye coordination and also keep meal time a little less messy.

  8. Nuby products were a go-to for us when my kids were babies. I loved so many of their products!

  9. I really needed that sure grip bowl when my youngest was learning to feed herself independently. We have a Siberian Husky that always appreciated a bowl on the floor so little sister thought it was great to just toss her meal aside.

  10. That is a sample of perfect mealtime with that amazing product! Those products can save lots of house works for moms.

  11. Nuby products always seemed to be my go to when my kids were little. I love what they have done with their products!

  12. I might need to invest in new water bottles for my kids. the ones we have are getting worn out.

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