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Raising A Happy and Healthy Baby

When your kids get tummy aches from eating the foods, even if it’s a “healthy” food, and it upsets their stomach.. it’s so hard to not feel discouraged and upset. As a mother, I try feed my kids healthy, fresh food; and want to raise them to be heathy and happy. When my first son was little, it took me until he was about 18 months to realize that he was suffering with tummy troubles. A few months later, we added in potty training and realized it shouldn’t be this hard with poop. Yes he was a boy, but why was pooping such an issue with him? Why was he never normal? We tried cutting out so many foods, and added in probiotics, which helped him quite a bit – but I wish we would have started when he was a newborn.

Now with our second son, he has been on probiotics since birth. Once again, I assumed it was foods I was eating making his stomach upset. As he got older, and we started baby led weaning, the tummy troubles increased and occasionally, he would break out in hives. I started to assume months ago that he had an extremely immature gut. Thanks to Evivo Health, I have been learning more and more about how their probiotic mixed with breastmilk, can set the foundation for life-long health. I’m also learning about the consequences of a disrupted gut.

The Research Behind Evivo Health

In their clinical trial Evivo was proven to restore infants’ gut microbiome 100% of the time. One hundred percent of the time. Isn’t that outstanding?  In their research, EVIVO is finding found relationships between gut microbiome and colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity. Throw in colic and allergies in a clinical trial, and i’m all ears.

Raising A Baby With Food Allergies

These past few months, we’ve gone through two sessions of allergy testing with our youngest. Did you know that there are at least two children in every kindergarten class that have food allergies? (FARE) I know in my son’s class we can’t pack anything in his lunch with tree nuts. At home, we stay away from dairy due to Huxley’s milk allergy and Jaxon’s lactose intolerance. I wrote down over and over foods and environmental allergies that could be possibly causing him to break out. I’ve also tried to be more consistent with giving Hux his Evivio, and found that we’ve been seeing less and less hives.

Is he growing out of them? Or possibly, it could be that I’m seeing real results in my own home. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and if you know anything about Psychology we are all about trials, data, and research. I would love to continue nursing Huxley past 12 months and using Evivo to see if I can make a real change inside his body.
I’m really hoping to jump start our babies immune system and improve his gut BEFORE we potty train so we don’t run into as many issues as we did with our oldest.

If you want to give Evivo Probiotics Starter Kit a try, use code BLOG5041 for $10 off of 4 weeks or more! In it for the long run like we are? Use code BLOG5042 to get $20 off a 12, 20 or 24-week starter kit!

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  1. One of my nieces was diagnosed with peanut and egg allergies before she was a year old. I learned A LOT about food allergies after that.

  2. Gut health is so important. It’s great that you were able to finally identify the issues and get a jump start with the second one. We are a food allergy house and I know how frustrating it can be. I’ll be looking into this for my youngest for sure.

  3. My oldest suffers from food and environmental allergies, we found out when she was a little over a year old. It’s so hard as a parent because you have to be extra vigilant.

  4. One thing that really stand out to me from my childhood was my younger brother’s immense number of allergies and food intolerances… it was so sad seeing him have to avoid so many different foods and have to go for allergy tests so often. This product looks amazing though, and it’s too bad it wasn’t around almost 20 years ago.

  5. I’ve been having huge tummy issues for the last year and finally went on a probiotics two weeks ago and it what a difference. That’s so awesome you’ve been doing your best to figure out what’s happening with your kids tummy!

  6. This is a great post! Us parents that have older children didn’t have the power of social media or the internet to be able to research ways to care for our babies. You’ve shed some light on things we didn’t even know about back then.

  7. Oh my! Definitely bookmarking this post as we are having our first (a boy as well) in March! I didn’t even think about gut-health for a baby, but that totally makes sense. Crossing my fingers that the Evivo probiotics continue working for your baby boy!

  8. I’m thankful that with 5 kids none of them have food allergies but last year I really started paying more attention to probiotics and have now been taking them daily.

  9. We are huge on probiotics for our family too! Gut health plays such an important role in your overall health, its amazing to me that doctors don’t talk to us more about this during visits!

  10. Gut health is definitely super important. I cannot believe now days how many people have severe allergies. I am not allergic to anything but I feel so bad for people that do. They have to remain cautious their whole life. This was a great article, thank you for sharing!

  11. This is so awesome! I saved the company’s name and going to do research. I wish I had known if this sooner but really hope it helps my daughter.

  12. I always worry about food allergies. So far, my kids are fine thankfully. I developed a mild allergy to shrimp as I got older though and it is super odd. I am a huge fan of probiotics for babies and kids too!

  13. I do hope the Evivo is helping with the hives, such a horrible experience for a baby to go through I pray he grows out of it. Best of luck!

  14. This will definitely change the way we take care of our babies especially the newborns. I think it’s going to help them very much as they grow up and as their bodies develop. Such a great product!

  15. Oh that poor baby and the stinking allergy tests. It does make sense that the gut does play into how your body processes things. Great resource!

  16. We have been so lucky that our kids have no major allergies and have been able to eat without GI problems. I am very interested in trying out probiotics they seem to be so helpful and healthy

  17. We been blessed to not have allergy issues but we had a GI isssue with our youngest. Definitely thinking about adding a probiotic to our routine.

  18. Thank you for talking about probiotics and allergies. I, too, never really understood why babies had stomach troubles. I had always assume it was food they ate or maybe because it was their immune AND digestive system.

  19. My kids haven’t had any issues with food allergies (yet!) but we’re about to start potty training and hoping there’s not any issues when we start! I need to get better at getting them on a daily probiotic, this one sounds like a great option!

  20. I am very interested in their research that you have just mentioned in relation to eczema. My daughter has severe allergies and eczema is part of it. I will try out this Evivo starter kit, the brand seems to be focused on finding the solution!

  21. I wish I had known about this with my youngest. She had SO many tummy troubles as a baby! But I’m definitely planning on getting on this as soon as this next baby is born!!

  22. We think our daughter who is 17 mo may have allergies. Currently on the list to get her treated she will be my first out of 7! Probiotics is something I make sure my kids get enough of always!

  23. Fortunately our children do not have any food allergies. But I have eosinophilic esophagitis which is directly related to a food allergy. I have undergone many different tests but nothing can be found. This is a really important topic and I appreciate you connecting the two.

  24. I am so happy that your baby is outgrowing her allergies. It is very hard to deal with and you seem to have done fabulously!

  25. Gosh this is fascinating and not something I knew about when my boy was small. He really struggled with gut health. Luckily (knock on wood) he’s doing great now.

  26. Wow I’ve never heard of this before. I can’t imagine how hard it would be if my kid had a lot of allergies. Glad there’s things out there to help.

  27. We have heard parents saying so many times to their kids that “all we want is you to be happy.” The definition of happiness has changed a lot as far as raising a child is concerned. Shouldering your dreams on your child will not make him/her a raise a happy child. As parents, you must be wanting your children to be intelligent, healthy, mindful and most importantly happy kids.

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