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Tips for Wellness
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A Busy Mom’s Tips for Wellness


Shop Smarter and Easier

Not everyone want’s to take their kids out of the house during cold and flu season. Walmart offers FREE 2-day shipping on orders $35, as well as FREE same day pickup for those busy mamas! I love that we can order any necessities like Kleenex and pick them up right away! They even have a great variety of tissues including Lotion, Ultra, and Antiviral! Hello, they even have Spider-man!

We always seem to be on a tight-budget, so I love seeing one of our favorite brands on roll-back,and low affordable prices. Like most parents with multiple kids, we like to stock up when we see something on sale that we can use often throughout the year.
Take Care with KleenexHaving a big brother 4 years older than you, is basically like having a third parent. Since we have plenty of soft tissues to go around, big brother even uses them to wipe Huxley’s nose and drool from teething. Even if Huxley has a cold and Jaxon wants to help take care of little brother I don’t mind because Kleenex kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue!
take care with kleenex

Nutrition For Wellness

Use Elderberry. Elderberry is known for the ability boost immunity, and help with infections as well as allergies. It usually comes in a few different forms. For my oldest child I use gummies and for us parents, we usually take lozenges or syrup.
Always stay hydrated. I make sure to keep water bottles upstairs and downstairs for the family, that way there’s no excuse not to drink water. Add some fruit and keep it chilled for a change!

My last tip is to limit hand sanitizer. I rarely use it on my kiddos, because I believe in letting them build up their immune system to germs! We do of course hand wash quite frequently throughout the day.

Hope these tips help you stay healthy and take care of others. Don’t forget you can shop in store and on this cold and flu season AND all year round with free 2 day shipping.

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  1. I love elderberry. I keep it on stock. If my husband, or someone else around me gets sick. That was I can build up my immune system before I get sick. And for the most part, I think it works. I love that your son likes to help his little brother when he’s sick. .

  2. It’s really important that parents also focus on their health! You won’t be able to take good care of the family if you’re not fit and healthy, after all. I think these are really good reminders for parents.

  3. Awh I love that picture of big brother helping his baby sister! I stock up on Kleenex all the time. And I give my kids a few boxes to bring into their classrooms!

  4. I really agree with the hand sanitizer thing! Tissues are definitely one of those things that we have a hard time keeping around in the Winter. It would be great to have the Kleenex that helps kill germs! It’s also great that we can stock up at a great price and have it shipped from Walmart. It’s especially nice for me because I don’t always want to go out in the snow! Hope you have a Happy & Healthy New Year!

  5. Kleenex is always found in my purse, home and car. I think everybody can agree that it is the best brand when it comes to tissues. I also don’t use hand sanitiser on my kids for the same reason but I go crazy on it for myself because I am afraid of germs lol

  6. Great tips! I had no idea that elderberry was so beneficial!! I love Kleenex brand too, we buy it in bulk supply during winter months

  7. We definitely keep our Kleenex stock nice and full during the winter months! Plus, the little travel packets are soooo great for purses/backpacks/etc. Never know when you’ll need a Kleenex!

  8. I’ve never used elderberry but would love to try it! This year for our anniversary we are planning to get a small fridge for upstairs so we always have drinks there too. We spend about half our time upstairs and it makes sense to have drinks readily available for hydration.

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