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The Best Diaper Pail Deodorizer

This post has been sponsored by Purple Safety. All opinions are 100% my own. My full disclosure can be found here.

Why I love It

I’ve used the deodorized for three days and both my husband and myself have noticed a difference. I admit, I didn’t fully read everything about the deodorizers before I ordered them; but I was so surprised and excited to find out that they’re odorless! I have a huge sensitivity to artificial fragrances, and never wear them due to my fragrance free building at work.
I notice the biggest change in my cloth diaper wet bag. It may seem kind of gross, but I just tossed one bag in like I do with the diapers. It’s right on our door to the bathroom so it’s something we smell right away when walking in. I also tossed one in the bottom of our diaper pail and taped one in the top. However, the instructions say to use 2 in the bottom and one in the top. I usually smell little to medium poop smells coming from the pail because it’s pretty contained. I did however notice when changing the bags out on garbage day, it was definitely less frightful!

More Benefits

These deodorizers are completely natural and organic. They’re made from bamboo charcoal that you can actually use in your garden soil when your done! The three deodorizers last for 3 months, so you’re only buying them twice a year since they come in a six pack. Normally you would use 3 in a time pail, when I only used 2 because I wanted one in the wet bag as well.

After a few days of use I have nothing but a positive review!
If you want to order them right away check them out on Amazon.
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  1. What a cool product! I would love to use it if I had a diaper pail. But I usually just bring the diapers straight outside… otherwise the smell would seep through our garbage can! Lol.

  2. This could’ve helped my family a lot when we had a little one in cloth diapers. It’s always difficult to try and keep the house smelling okay when you have one who is not potty trained.

  3. This looks like a really great product for parents of babies. I would get for my baby when I have them. I like the natural alternative to getting rid of a smelly diaper.

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