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Snip Snip Hooray – Tips For Vasectomy Recovery

*If this topic makes you uncomfortable, or you find it offensive, please discontinue reading below. This article is to help others be comfortable and find tips for the recovery of vasectomy surgery.*

Ever since Jaxon was little I knew I would be a one and done kind of mom; but then he became a little easier to manage and we decided to have Huxley. Now with two children and an awful second pregnancy in my past; we 110% knew we were officially done having children and that two was enough chaos for us. To my surprise my amazing husband was on board with getting a vasectomy and the man who is afraid of needles, took the plunge.

The Procedure

We were lucky enough to be recommended to his doctor, and my husband was very impressed how professional they were. He had one visit before the actual procedure and when we came back for the big snip, – it only took about 30 minutes to get it done! I had planned to drop off my hubby and go shopping while he was in there, but to much of my surprise the whole surgery only lasted 15 minutes. They do recommend if your hubby plans on taking the Valium, that he have a ride there and back, since he will more than likely be out of it. After his procedure, my hubby fell asleep before we even got to Walgreens to drop off his prescription! Check out the tips below I have for a smooth recovery!

Tips For You/Caregiver

  1. I didn’t mind taking care of the kids the whole weekend, what was hard was trying to cook for the whole family with a cranky baby. I have a koala baby and he wanted to be glued to me the whole day. Baby Hux was sad daddy couldn’t hold him for a full 48 hours. My biggest tip is to meal prep before the vasectomy or use a meal delivery service like Postmates, Uber Eats, or Door Dash if you have a clingy baby or toddler.
  2. My second tip is to try to get the kids out of the house, they might not be old enough to understand not to climb on daddy’s lap. I tried to keep my kiddo’s busy and let daddy sleep off the pain.
  3. Although your hubby or significant other might walk funny for a while, avoid the urge to laugh! Seeing your man in that much pain is a sad sight, and since women have higher pain tolerances, he’s allowed to be in pain.

Tips For Your Significant Other/Hubby

  1. The biggest tip we have is to keep frozen peas/veggie on hand! We rotated between two bags that stayed almost consistently on his area. Don’t forget to THROW OUT the frozen bags when they’re done and completely thawed, they cannot be saved!
  2.  Wear sweatpants/loose fitting pants for 48+ hours. Even 3 days later when my hubby tried to wear tighter fitting pants to work, it was a struggle. Also, wear slippers or sandals to the appointment so they’re easy to slip on without having to bend over.
  3.  Buy the right underwear. The doctor recommended my hubby get special, extra supportive briefs, to provide that needed added support for his bits and bobs after the surgery. The first day back to work my hubby forgot to put on his “special” underwear and put on his normal briefs. He was uncomfortable the WHOLE day. Definitely invest in the right pair and have a few extra on hand. These are the ones that worked for him (affil. link)
  4.  Don’t forget to take your meds, especially your antibiotic ones! No one needs an infection down there, especially when you probably would like to heal as fast as possible.
  5. Schedule the appointment when you know you don’t have anything to do for 48-72 hours. He ended up taking off Friday from work to be able to relax and recover all day.
  6.  Lastly, my hubby says to avoid awkwardness shave your own junk beforehand. (LOL).

Overall I think he had a quick recovery and great doctor ! Hope some of these tips can help anyone who is thinking of their husband or significant other getting it done.

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  1. This is a fantastic article for couples or specifically men recovering from this. So many great and helpful tips. My husband had this done before we got married (I secretly wish he hadnt because I would love to have children with him).

  2. I love your disclaimer haha. I don’t have a husband and not currently going through this BUT I rarely see blogs like this and I think it’s important to see tips like this. Come to think of it, I’ve never see anything like this so I think these are fantastic tips and no one should be squeamish about reading them if you’re an adult.

  3. We still haven’t decided if we’re 100% sure we’re done having kids yet… But when we make that decision, my hubs is definitely going to get snipped, so this article was really helpful! I’m sure we’ll refer back to it again in the future!

  4. Great topic and great tips! Let’s see if I can talk my husband into one! Lol Also, I love your kids names, adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I don’t understand people will feel uncomfortable about talking about this subject. Maybe for only men, lol. Really helpfully for those who are thinking in getting one.

  6. I am in the process of trying to convince my husband of this when the time comes. Thank you for sharing the tips! I will be visiting this again!

  7. This is a great blog that i’m sure will help many men out there! You have some great tips and ideas! Very well written!

  8. Difficult topic to write about but you did such a wonderful job. Effortless and insightful. Thank you for all the tips.

  9. I love how candid you were in this post! 🙂 My husband missed his consultation appointment earlier this year… which I guess is good because we decided to try for number 3. LOL. But this time next year he’ll DEFINITELY be getting the Big V! 🙂 I’ll make sure to come back for these tips. I never would have thought about the shoe thing!!

  10. These are such great tips! I’ve never heard these tips before, I’m sure they are going to be so helpful.

  11. I have to concur with your tips, as this is what we did when my husband was recovering. I have to say, I know of only one other Huxley, besides the author, and he is in my family!

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