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Faking It For Christmas

To be honest – I’ve never had the desire to have a real Christmas tree. We’ve had our Christmas tree in our family for 20 years, and it still looks AMAZING. Not only does it have a sentimental value, it’s been cheaper for us in the long run and make’s life slightly easier for me.

No Upkeep

Our artificial tree is the easy upkeep I need in my life. I already have to feed two tiny humans, a cat, and a dog daily; so why do I need the added stress of watering a tree.


Keeping on the lazy note – some artificial trees come pre-lit! No need to spend time wrapping lights around your tree and trying to get the perfect space between each string. I’m also busy enough as is trying to schedule in appointments on the weekends, shopping for gifts and birthday parties. I don’t need to take time to try and find the “perfect” tree.

Slightly Less Disastrous

When Jax was a crawling baby we lived in an apartment; alongside with my dog and cat. Wanting to avoid any disasters from an accident prone baby who liked to play in water, and a plant eating cat – I bought a small artificial tree to fit on top of my dresser just big enough for the Christmas season feeling. The last thing I needed was to clean up animal puke from eating the tree or Jaxon getting into the water. We absolutely have no room in our upstairs house to keep a real tree away from the cat after converting our extra space into a play area for the kids. I am also 99% sure our Pit Bull would be drawn to a real tree and would continuously try to eat the wood or pines downstairs. That dog sure loves anything wood.

Overall, this is probably my unpopular opinion, but it’s what works for our family!


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  1. Yes! I love our artificial tree. We had a real one last year at my husband’s insistence and I am still finding pine needles on our floors a year later.

  2. Okay I’ll admit, I’ll all for buying a pre-lit tree! I have a toddler running around and it’s just not easy keeping up with things that come a lot easier now. Fake all the way! Lol.

  3. We changed over to a fake tree when our kids were little and I don’t regret it at all. Our prelit, perfectly-sized tree is simple to put up and take down.

  4. We switched to a fake tree when we moved into our new house, and honestly I haven’t thought about a real tree in forever. I might take him to a tree farm for garland for the mantle, but I love the easy upkeep of a fake tree.

  5. I’m so proud of you for writing this post! Especially thinking that its an unpopular decision to have a fake tree. My humble opinion is “Good for you!” I celebrate you for coming into clarity of what’s right for you. In the end, you will walk your path and it is important for you to embrace it whole-hearted. Blessings, my Love!! xo Evelyn, PathofPresence

  6. We do a fake tree and a real tree every year, and I’m not going to lie, the easiness of the fake tree makes this lazy mama happy! Everyday I’m sweeping up needles with our real tree.

  7. I grew up in Australia where Christmas is in Summer so real trees just weren’t a possibility. We had the same tree through my whole childhood and I would always look forward to that day in November (after my state’s Christmas pageant aired on tv) we’d go get it out of the shed, shake off all the spiders (it was Australia, after all!) and put it up in the living room. I always really wanted a real Christmas tree like on tv though. After 30 odd years of fake trees I was super excited when we moved to California and with Christmas falling in Winter we could have a real tree for the first time ever! We’ve had real trees now for the past 6 years and it’s still such a novelty for both my husband (he’s also Australian) and I.

  8. I’m definitely pro artificial tree. I commend anyone who goes out and gets a real tree, but i refuse lol. I’ve had the same one for 4 years now and my girls love it.

  9. You’ve got to do whatever works for you! Who really cares about fake or real?!!?
    We have a real tree because I love the experience of picking it out and that’s what we did as kids. But we also have fake trees elsewhere in the house. Your tree looks great!

  10. I live in an apartment as well and we’ve never bought a tree. This year I really want one but have been trying to make the decision of real or fake … your post brings up a lot of good points as I have a dog and cat too lol and the cat loves to chew on anything plant-like 😉 thanks for sharing, I think we’ll also fake it for Christmas!

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