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Maximize The Benefits of Your Mama Milk


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I’ve written about my little beastie and his breastfeeding issues before; and here we are nearly 10 months later in our journey still dealing with reflux, and spit-up. Introducing solids at 6 months was a struggle for his tummy and like I’ve mentioned he’s been on probiotics from the week that he was born. Recently, we’ve been in and out of allergy testing for foods and possibly hives from an immune reaction/antibodies. BUT all this ties into a new product that has recently came into our lives that I’m extremely excited about.

Introducing Evivo Probiotics

All mothers want to help set up their babies for success and for a healthy, long life; this is one of the reasons why I breastfed both of my babies. This new probiotic is helping enhance mother’s milk and different than the rest.
Evivo is a daily probotic that helps restore B. infantis bacteria into your baby’s gut. This probiotic helps support a healthy gut and maximizes the benefits of your breast milk. When combined with my mama milk, it forces out possibly harmful bacteria that is linked to all the issues Huxley has suffered with. In our case this includes allergies and colic, but also is linked to asthma, diabetes and even obesity. Evivo works from the inside out; with the overall goal to maximize the overall good bacteria in your baby’s gut.

Using Evivo

Evivo is different than other probiotics we’ve tried in the past because it comes frozen and can be refrigerated or frozen while using. I find that the powder tends to mix well with freshly expressed milk, and take’s a little bit longer to dissolve in cold milk from the fridge. It’s such a small amount, Huxley doesn’t have any issues swallowing it down in a little spurt or two from the syringe.

Our Journey With Evivo So Far

We’ve only been using it a few days and I’ve already noticed an increase of consistent bowel movements, less spit-up and gas. I’m truly excited to see where Huxley will be after a full month of using Evivo Probiotic.
Breastfeeding is great for your baby’s immune system on it’s own, but with the help of Evivo Probiotic, it has the opportunity to enhance the immune system even more.

If my Huxley’s tummy is happy, he seems to be happy; and who doesn’t want a happy healthy baby?

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  1. This may be something that we need to look into in my family! My little Ellie has had issues with inconsistent bowel movements and constipation her whole life. We have tried yogurts, which have not helped much, so this may be the next step for us! Thank you for sharing you experience!

  2. I’ve heard so many good things about this and wish I knew about it with my youngest… Definitely keeping it in mind if any more babies join our family!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve recently just learned about Evivo and am excited to learn more about it. My daughter has had more consistent bowel movements since starting food, but they aren’t as consistent as I’d like.. and it’s good to know that it helps with spitting up too!

  4. This product sounds great! I’m definitely going to pass it along to a friend who’s child is also struggling with reflux.

  5. This sounds like such a great product for babies! I’ve never heard of this brand but will definitely pass this info along!

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