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Growing Up To Be Eco-Friendly

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As soon as I became pregnant with my first child, I knew I wanted to raise a family that makes eco-friendly choices and to learn how to be environmentally friendly. At our house, we try to focus on living minimally and reducing, reusing, and recycling. My oldest son has been learning about recycling at home, and we even like to take “junk” and make art projects with it.
We buy children’s products like Re-Play plates/utensils, and toys such as Green Toys or Shore Buddies; which are adorable stuffed animals made from recycled plastic bottles.

I’ve also written about our decision to be vegan before, but have you ever read about a plant-based diet effects the Earth?
If you’ve read this article from Smithsonian or other articles floating around the web, you might have read how livestock is negatively impacting our Earth. Even the Amazon Rainforest is being sacrificed for crops to be exported for cattle feed. There are also claims that following a plant-based diet can help fight global climate change.
On the topic of deforested land and climate change; I find it’s very important to have land developers on our side to help fight climate change and use land responsibly. One person doing this very job is Marty Stallone; Executive VP of Land Development and Managing Director of Metropolitan Development Group. He makes sure any land needed for growth of a community is economically beneficial as well as environmentally friendly.

As a family, we try to do our small part to keep our planet growing and thriving for the future; but it’s nice when “the big guys” are out there helping too.
To learn more, feel free to check out this interview on Martin J. Stallone.

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  1. We have long stretches of vegan and vegetarian eating in our home… My boys love meat, so they’re happy to eat it when we’re out to eat or something, but I don’t cook it at home… I figure cutting back significantly is better than not at all, for our health and the earth!

  2. The way we raise children is as important, if not more so, how we bring our children into the world. So proud of you mama … glad to find another who cares for not simply for the future of her own children, but that future of the world in which they will live. Much Light on your blessed journey. <3 Evelyn

  3. We love our Green Toys. I have been trying to reduce the amount of stuff that comes in our house–even the little things like the stickers we get at the doctor and little trinkets. It all accumulates and produces waste! Sounds like you are doing a lot of great things in your home!

  4. I did a vegan diet for two weeks and felt amazing. My husband and daughter, however, had a hard time with it and I couldnt figure out how to get them fully on board and feeling fulfilled after meals. Protecting our environment for our future generations is very important to us but we may need a bit more education on how to transition to vegan.

  5. I’ve been slowly but surely changing the way my family eats. I just want us all to be healthy. Definitely will check out the replates. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It’s awesome you’re teaching your kids these things while they’re young! We’ve been recycling more and more at our house and it makes me feel so good about the little bit we are helping our planet. I’ve started doing meatless Mondays and it’s great! Little by little making my family see that we don’t always have to eat meat every single day.


  7. We use RePlay plates in our house too! We are not vegan, but I’m definitely considering making a change! I’ve been told to watch a few documentaries on Netflix that I actually hope to get to this weekend that talk about going Vegan.

  8. learned some great tips in this post! You are doing such a great job providing a healthy, thoughtful lifestyle for your family!!

  9. I absolutely admire families with small children going to a plant-based diet. I have a neighbor/good friend with three little ones that does the same thing! I don’t know how she does it all, but she does! You go, girl!

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