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Breastfeeding My “Little” Beastie

Yes you read that right, my “little” almost 9 month old – is a beast. He came out screaming for life like I had never heard a newborn scream before. It never crossed my mind that breastfeeding him could be difficult. I thought it would be easy the second time around, just like the first time it was. Boy was I wrong.

The Problems:

I never remember Jax cluster feeding and screaming that second night like Huxley did. He had so many issues latching and screamed like he was gassy and in pain. His reflux and colic started almost instantly, and a few days after coming home from the hospital, he was already on probiotics to help him digest my food. He couldn’t tolerate veggies or barely any of the plant-based food I was eating. That wasn’t the only issue that we were facing either.
Turns out, not only did he have colic and reflux, I had a strong let down that was choking him. I ended up having an oversupply – which was rough in the beginning by itself, because of how much he spit up. Now months later, I’m thankful because we’re over that hump and I ended up having so much milk stored up.
When complaining about our latch difficulties at my work, a mom suggested I check for lip/tongue tie. I then went home to check his mouth and it turns out BOTH my boys have lip tie. Not one lactation consultant, doctor, or nurse ever checked; and how could I go 4 ½ years without knowing my oldest had a lip tie baffled me. Looking back in the early weeks Huxley was a newborn; I had to constantly fix his upper lip to help him latch on better. I find it quite annoying I had to figure this
out on my own and from suggestions of other parents, and not anyone in the medical field.

After having an oversupply in the start of our breastfeeding journey, I now have a low supply. I’m attempting to fix this by pumping before bed every night again and taking supplements.

What worked for me:

Reflux – Huxley NEVER wanted to burp, so on nights he had issues burping, I would sit him up with me holding him for 5-10; I also had a pillow under his dock-a-tot to keep him sleeping on an incline. This helped him sleep SO much better at night.
Colic- Swaying back and forth at night helped, daddy liked to hold him with his belly on his arm. Gas drops helped a little bit but not enough.
Low Supply- Pumping more has helped my supply quite a bit, manually pumping worked a little bit better than an electric pump too.
I’ve been drinking fenugreek Snack Sweetie Pie lactation smoothies for a while. Although I didn’t think it worked instantly, after a few weeks they definitely helped.
I also made (vegan) lactation cookies but saw no real change in production. You can find the recipe I used HERE except I used an egg replacer.
If you read my kindness blog post , you’ll know I was gifted with the Legendairy supplements and I really do believe they have helped me. I stopped taking them for a few days, maybe even a week or so and noticed a huge drop in my milk because of that and I wasn’t pumping as much. We’re back to taking them daily and hoping my left side, slacker side, kicks it up a notch
Having a support system.
If it wasn’t for my husband and close friend, I probably would have given up. I remember trying to handle the latch problems as well as the colic at 4am and just crying and feeling like a failure. I wanted to give up breastfeeding and switch to formula. I didn’t have anyone who had breastfeeding experience around me or anyone to turn to for advice. Find someone who supports you locally by joining a group, or turn to mamas online!

Products I Love:

Sweetie Pie Lactation Smoothies ->
Legendairy Milk Supplements

NUHBORN Silicone Pump – If your breast leaks while nursing try this silicone pump! I also liked that I could manually pump while not having to be plugged in. I found that even though I have small breasts it still works and doesn’t hurt compared to my electric pump! ->

Anyone else struggle with breastfeeding like me? Did/do you have a good support system? Let me know in the comments!

**Please note although I’ve included affiliate links, my opinions expressed are 100% my own. This is NOT a sponsored post**

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  1. I loved this post, because I’m expecting my first child in January and planning on breastfeeding. I need all the tips and info I can get, so thank you for this!

  2. Its really true, you do need a support system when you are breastfeeding or just plain old raising your kid.
    Im glad that you have the support system and that you discovered the tongue tie.

  3. Breastfeeding was so hard for me. He wouldn’t latch on and when he did, it was making his blood sugar low. Wish I could have shared that bond with my son though.

  4. Love this post! It is not only informative, but also gives solutions as to what you did to overcome challenges. I’m blessed to have had breastfed my babies too, and glad that they are now, at 10 and 4, strong and healthy <3

  5. I had colic as a baby but haven’t experienced that with my son. Glad to hear you found what works for you! The lactation smoothies sound cool!

  6. Ah, I had so much struggle when breastfeeding. I think in most cases it’s your determination to continue that helps you go through all the pain. All the right products help too. Posts like this are such a big help for first-time moms!

  7. Oh my goodness. I’m sorry you had so many breastfeeding hurdles. With mine things went pretty smoothly except for cluster feeding. There was a span with both that I felt like all I did was breastfeed

  8. People ask if we are going to try for a boy, as we have three girls. First of all, that’s rude. Secondly, if you don’t remember my youngest as an infant I can describe her by saying it was like five months of constant crying. Wish I would have done more research of making life easier for all of us.

  9. My second baby had terrible gas, needed the probiotics, I couldn’t eat chocolate for the first six months (that was the worst part!)! I really related to this post! Breastfeeding is so difficult and demanding! Thanks for your wonderful suggestions!

  10. Oh wow, I’m so sorry you had these issues to start but glad you found ideas and products to help. I look forward to having number 2 but realize through other mothers like you, each baby come with their own sets of needs and issues. This article will help me be more prepared. Thanks for sharing! xx

  11. I will be experiencing my 4th time at breastfeeding and I will admit I am scared that this baby girl will follow her sisters and not be able to latch properly. My son’s breastfeeding experience was ideal but the girls were a real life nightmare until I started pumping and they had to drink breastmilk from a bottle.

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