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Little Space Books for Big Adventurers

Ever since my oldest son could communicate and sing songs, we found that he had a love for space and astronomy. Over the years we’ve collected many “space themed books” fit for toddlers and preschoolers. Here’s a few of our favorites, minus “There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System“, a Cat in the Hat book!

In one of our newest set of Scholastic books, it includes a moon diary activity that we have been doing the past few weeks! We would go out every night to look at it, then draw it in our moon diary and keep track of the moon phases/shapes. It was so cute hearing him say, “Mommy, that’s a gibbous moon!”. For our moon diary, we took sketchpad paper and construction paper to make a little booklet for him. He drew a moon on the front, and used construction paper to make a last quarter moon with craters!

Another one of our favorite books is the Mousetronaut; written by NASA astronaut Mark Kelly. Which you can find on Amazon (affil).
Let me know if you have a space adventurer at home, or what your kiddo is into!

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  1. So fun! My boys are super interested in space too! My middle sings the planets song at preschool and his teacher is just so impressed that he knows all the names! I think it’s so important to encourage their natural interests beginning when they are young. Well done, mama.

  2. This is so cute. I can’t wait until my little one is a little bit older so I can start reading her stories. We already have such a large stash of books. I can’t wait!! x

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