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The Ultimate Teething Guide

I honestly feel my two boys could not possibly teethe any worse than they did/are. I’ve tried medicine, homeopathic drops and tablets, amber teething necklaces, and everything under the sun to help soothe their gums and stop the crying. I’ve compiled a list for all my readers in hopes you can find something you haven’t tried with your little ones before.

1. Silicone Teethers/Necklaces
We own a lot, I mean A LOT of these. Most of the ones I’ve found BPA Free, non-toxic, and free of phthalates, lead, cadmium, and heavy metals. They’re a great chewie yet hard material for the kiddos, safe and easy to hold in their little hands. You can also stick your silicone ones in the freezer for an extra gum soother.

2. Wooden Teethers
I don’t know what it is about wooden items, but my second baby is drawn to them. He really tends to LOVE his wooden storybooks, but I’ve found some great wooden teethers; and of course we love the combination of wooden chew rings/beads and silicone necklaces

3. Breastmilk Popsicles

When Hux was really little this is all I used to soothe his gums. He came out as a newborn teething and wanted to shove everything in his mouth. I know there are different ways to make these, but I preferred filling up the ice cube tray a tiny bit, and putting them in a mesh/silicone teething feeder. Once your little one is old enough for food you can also put frozen blueberries (or other fruits) in the mesh/silicone feeders!

4. Chill/Frozen Gel Teethers
For whatever reason, Huxley doesn’t like the Frozen Gel teethers, maybe they’re too cold on his hands, but Jaxon enjoyed them. Both my boys enjoy(ed) frozen waffles; however I know some parents don’t like the idea of their baby eating those so young. Neither my boys have had an issue but I suggest do you research and see how well your baby chews their food, handles food, and oral motor skills.
I’ve also used a cold damp/wet wash cloth for my babies to suck on and it seems to help for a little while.

5. Pacifiers
My kiddos never took pacifiers, BUT they did pop them in their mouths to gnaw on! I find them useful because they’re already made to fit in their mouths.

6. Homeopathic Medicine
I used Hylands Teething Tablets with my first before they were recalled. The best one’s I’ve recently found are Dr. King’s Natural Teething Spray, and HomeoLab Kids Relief Teething Homeopathic Medicine drops. I think the spray works great for the drooling, gum pain and if your little one spits up with teething. The drops help the pain and irritability I’ve noticed.

7. Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen
I did trial data with #7, and I’ve heard from other parents that infant ibuprofen worked a little bit better than acetaminophen. I KNOW both helped my kids sleep at night tremendously. During the day we do tend to try a more natural way for teething. Like always, ask your child’s doctor or pediatrician before giving your baby pain medicine, even homeopathic!

8. Amber/Baltic Teething Necklaces for baby
I never got Jax one, but Huxley wears his daily from Healing Hazel. It might help take the edge off of teething pain, but I have noticed the inflammation of his gums isn’t as bad as his big brother’s gums were. I’ve heard from other parents that they’re not sure if they work, but “why not”.

9. Teething Gel
Teething Gel is something that I don’t really use for a few reasons. I’m not a big fan of the dyes they use, how much it costs etc.; but this is still an option for parents.

Let me know what works with your little ones in the comments!

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  1. I think I lucked out in the teething department with both of my kids. They were both EASY. Only some infant Tylenol a couple times, but they never wanted teething toys or frozen aids!

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