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My Top 5 Young Living Essential Oils


Over the years I’ve tried several different brands of essential oils, and none have been as potent, trustworthy and versatile than Young Living.

  1. Lavender
    I would have to say personally, this is the one I’ve used the most and seems to be one of the more popular oils. I use lavender for calming, but it’s great to use on laundry dryer balls for a nice scent, as a sleep aid – diffused with other calming oils, or even on insect bites.
  2. Thieves
    Thieves oil blend has a great smell and not only do I diffuse the oil when my hubby or the kiddos get sick to help with germs and help with our immune systems; I have their household cleaner diluted in a spray bottle for easy, chemical-free cleaning!
  3. Panaway
    This right here is the ONLY oil I needed to survive my second pregnancy. I wrote a few months back about all the pain I was in when my Relaxin kicked in a little too much in my back. I couldn’t keep applying icy-hot packs on my back 24/7 (and it was expensive), so I mixed a little Panaway in a roller with coconut oil. I felt 100% better and was able to move around or sleep. I also use it for muscle soreness but mostly with my migraines these days instead of taking medicine.
  4. Stress Away
    This lime and vanilla scented oil needs no self-explanation. It’s amazing in a diffuser or in a relaxing bath. I diffuse this one to calm down my tensions from a busy day at work or crying, loud kids at home!
  5. Peace and Calming
    Unfortunately, lavender never had a calming effect on Jaxon no matter how I tried to use it. A friend let me borrow Peace and Calming and EVERY time when I diffused it during his “nap times”, he ACTUALLY fell asleep. This is some true magic in a bottle to relax and calm my hyper/overactive child.

What are your favorite oils to use? Single, blend, or do you make your own blends?! I just made a blend for plantar warts. I’d love to hear what you guys make!

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  1. I love lavender. Never thought to use it in my laundry. Definitely will be trying this. Thanks for sharing!

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