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10 Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

Whether it gets ridiculously hot in the Summer like Arizona, or your somewhere stuck inside during the Winter, it’s a good idea to keep a list of indoor activities that won’t bore the kids. Here’s a few things I like to do with my little guy!

*I apologize for the quality of these photos, I’ve taken them over the past year or so on my phone*

1. Tape Play Fun
We took different colored tape and made hopscotch pattern, as well as a maze! Jax could blow a ball through the maze, or use it like a road and drive cars through it!


2. Have them help you make a healthy snack in the kitchen!
Granola bars, muffins, trail mix, anything is possible!

3. Practice reading out loud.
Read books together, or practice phonic sounds and sight words.

4.  Kinetic sand is always a great idea in our house.
I would use letters or number magnetics in the sand. He then had to feel with his hands what letter/number it was and then dig them out. He would next either try to spell a word with the magnetics or put together bigger numbers! Free play with sand is always encouraged as well!

5. Will it sink or float?
Have your little one find items around the house, then make a list of them! Next have them guess if it will float or sink in the water. This game works while they’re playing in the bath tub too!

6. Sensory play is another endless idea.
As long as they’re old enough to know not to put the objects in their mouth! Here’s Jaxon playing with seeds, beans and rice in an indoor pool. Water beads, or Orbeez, are another idea for sensory play.


7. Go fish, memory, matching, or other card games.
Once they understand instruction a little bit better try some board games as well!

8. Painting!
You could have them finger paint on some old packaging paper, a canvas for a keepsake/gift, or even mess-free inside a gallon freezer bag! You can make it into a learning lesson by trying to mix two or three colors together and seeing what other colors you can make!

9. Make a treasure map or scavenger hunt.
This is an example of a rhyming scavenger hunt we did for Easter. It also can be wonderful practice for spatial terms and directions!

10. If you’re still running out of ideas, make a play-time activity board!
Let them choose the activity for the day. Hide and seek, jumping jacks, or trampoline time is always a favorite one at our house.  I got these from And Next Comes L !
Let me know in the comments below how you keep your little ones busy!

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  1. These are such good ideas! Now that phoenix is finally cooling down I want to take the girls outside more but I need to remember these on hot days!

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