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Drying Up

Oh all the liquid gold. I started with an oversupply – which I guess had it’s pros and cons. On one had I was pumping to keep the supply up when I knew I would have to go back to work early on, I had so much to freeze, on the other hand I was choking my poor baby with my strong letdown. Fast-forward 6 months later, and my left side is a total dud, and my right side is working hard to keep up with his milky needs. I ran out of my delicious Lactation Smoothie and while I wait for my second package to come in, i’m pumping like crazy to bring my supply back. With my first job, I’m able to pump 2-3 times in a five hour period, totally awesome. With my second job, I pump once I drop J off from school and before I go to work, then I can’t until I get home from work, which is normally a 4-5 period without pumping.. being a mom is hard, being a mom who works is hard, AND a mom who is working/pumping/breasting is just damn difficult.
I’m thinking of trying some new products, but my best bet is pumping before bed, and when I wake up, like I have enough time to do that right? Not.. BUT I’ll do what it takes to keep my baby growing. He still needs cereal with milky and his probiotic once a day. I’m willing to try some vegan or herbal products if anyone has any suggestions! Let me know on my IG, or in the comments!
Thank you, and keep rocking on mamas!


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